Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yesterday was a very interesting day. After a weekend full of emotional let downs, I was struggling with intense emotions all day Sunday, and it carried over to Monday. In the mix of everything I was dealing with, the presence of God was so thick within me it was all I could do to not weep all day long. LOL!!! The name of Jesus would make me want to weep. The words "He is jealous for you" would make me want to weep. But, I was at work and I really had to focus. I would tell God "I don't want to lose this intimacy with you but I can't just start weeping here at work." So, the emotions settled until I got in my car on the drive home.

Then it hit. The dam was beginning to break, but it wasn't until I went up to my room and put on Kim Walkers "You are jealous for me" that I felt the dam burst open. I literally could feel my body falling forward (thankful that my bed was right there) and I began to weep and weep and weep. In the presence of God I wept and cried out to him. After a long time I began to laugh and the joy of the Lord filled me. AMAZING!!!!

I love this picture. I feel it represents God's beauty as well as His covering over us. He washes us clean. ;-)

This morning I still feel it. I want to weep and laugh. My legs are week. I could probably spend all day in His presence. Sigh..... but work is calling my name. Must focus, must must focus!! ;-)

Here is a song that I have heard in church as well as on the radio this morning. I really touched my soul. Hope you like it. ;-)

Worthy is your name Jesus!


  1. have you ever experienced a complete shaking, almost convulsion that comes over your body when you are in the same type of worship? When you said you felt yourself falling forward and weak legs, it reminded me of my own experiences with the Holy Spirit.

    love you cousin

  2. Yes! I believe God has the capacity to do anything. You should go to IHOP some day. You will never be the same. My desire is to have a consitant time with God because I know that it will be amazing.

  3. What a beautiful picture!! Do you remember the stories of how Bill used to go to work and he would be "drunk in the Spirit" and " More Lord! More Lord!" and Bill would start laughing at work. :o) I love when God is doing a work in us and it changes us. It is amazing and it reminds me of who He is and sometimes even more importantly WHOSE I AM. :o)

  4. LOVE IT!!! I don't remember that particular story but I was worried on Tuesday if I was going to walk around drunk int he Spirit! LOL! He kept me at an even pace so I could close out the month. Too fun.