Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday

Hey Everyone,

Happy Friday. Today is a good day. ;-) I am looking forward to the weekend and hopefully will get to sleep in a little. Anyway, this post is a bit random since I have a lot on my mind lately.

Last night I hosted a Sak Saum party. If you read my last post it is an organization that supports the freedom for women who were sold into Sex Trafficking. Anyway, they learn how to sew and make the cutest things. I have become a purse fanatic and I love love love their stuff. ;-) Anyway, we had a great turn out and I am excited about what it is going to do for the Kingdom of God in these ladies lives.

Tonight I get to go spend time with some great friends and hopefully have some good girl time.

Recently in the last month or so I started listening to the Bible online. There is this great site from where you can listen to the full Bible in a year. You can also listen to a daily Proverb and be a part of a community all around the world focusing on prayer. This has meant so much to me because I tend to not read the word on a daily basis, but I can tune in while I am working or just relaxing and soak in the wisdom from God.

Also, this week I have begun a new change in my life. I have really felt that God has wanted me to have more focused on Him, which also means less T.V. ;-) Soooo, I have been focusing more on delving into scripture, listening to some great worship, and reading a couple of books that I feel will lead me into some new territory soon. I will talk about those at a later date.

This last Wednesday I started going back to bible study. It's a group that I was involved with last year (and remained friends with everyone) but have felt the need to re-enter into community. For me this is important. I am not sure for how long I will remain in that study until God moves me somewhere else, but it's a good start and there are a lot of great people there. Also, I finally decided on what church I am going to attend full time. Yipppeeee!!! ;-) It's called Springs Church and the pastor is Gary Wilkerson. Some of you might know him as the son of David Wilkerson who just recently passed away. He is a great pastor and I love the worship they have going there. This will be a great change for me as I have not felt that New Life Church was my church anymore.

One more piece of randomness... ;-) I am really wanting to start a painting again. I have had certain ideas floating in my head for some time and have felt the need to begin another one. I will let you know when I start it. It is a bit intimidating since it would involve a picture that I got either through prayer or worship. We shall see! ;-)

That's all for now. Have a great Friday.

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