Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning coffee and reflection

Good Monday morning everyone. This week is going to be yet another crazy week. Overtime every day, house sitting, driving, driving, and driving. Prayer night tonight, hopefully working out tomorrow night, bible study Wednesday AND Thursday- time with friends on Friday night and celebrating my mom’s birthday on the weekend.

Eeeeee gads!!!! I have to figure out when to fit in all of my workouts between then. My back is starting to get a little better although not great. My sciatica is causing problems so I still am icing periodically.

This weekend I was introduced to a new ministry that supports Human Trafficking called Mission Passport. If you are interested in finding out what they are all about, you can go to They train ladies to make jewelry and hand bags from Thailand. Their goal is to work their way around the world and support women who need to find a new way to make money for their families rather than be in the slave labor business (of course there are many who need to be rescued first). Anyway, I believe you can order items online as well as have home parties. I am excited to get involved with this.

On that note, I am excited to see where God takes me on this journey in getting acquainted with different ministries in Colorado to support awareness of Human Trafficking. There are many many people here who are getting involved which I think is fabulous. We need more people around the world who are concerned about this and are willing to tell the people in their communities.

Well, off to work. Happy Monday.

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