Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 3-CTFLC Week 1

So, from now on any time I write about my journey through Crack the Fat Loss Code, I will probably label it as CTFLC--it's so much easier.

Anyway, I wanted to tell everyone about one of the yummiest snacks I have found yet during this Carb Deplete cycle. Take 1/2 Cup cottage cheese; sprinkle a little Splenda and Cinnamon on it and WALLA! You've got what tastes like HEAVEN! Yummo as Rachel Ray would say. ;-)

Did you know?-- That Apple Cider Vinegar is a fat burner? Yup, sure is!!! It's a great tasting fat-burning vinegar. Not only does it taste fantastic, but it also burns fat because of the cider vinegar's changes in our digestive and enzyme profiles. You can use it as a marinade for chicken or fish, or combine it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a yummy salad dressing. I personally have only used it for salad dressings and it tastes super yummy. Just take 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 tbsp Olive oil + fresh minced garlic and add salt and pepper to taste. It's fabulous! ;-) Tonight, since I am supposed to eat broccoli, I am going to put the dressing over steamed broccoli. Tasty!

Today is day 3 of my new life style. I am actually doing pretty good. I can tell that I might be eating too much salt though because my ears feel like they have something pressing on them from the inside. Weird eh? So, my goal for the next few days is to try and watch how much sodium I am taking in. Also, I have to meet my water intake which is 70-90 oz of water daily. I am sailing through that just peachy. The downside to all of that is I am in the restroom many times a day and through the night. Sigh.... NEED SLEEP! I know that one of the essential things to weight loss is sleep. When you lack that, then your body does not function properly. Sleep allows your body to heal and recoup from the day. Soooo, I have to figure something out to get my body to relax and sleep better.

On that note, I am so looking forward to Fall for many reasons--its cooler, its cooler and did I mention its cooler? LOL. No really, I love how cool it feels in the fall, but I also love the color changes and the feeling of "holiday" coming my way. Sigh.... it needs to come now!! ;-) Anyway, cooler means I can keep my window's shut in my room which also means more quiet. Our house back's up to a very busy street, and my roommate and I have our bedrooms facing that very same loud busy street. Large Semi's and extremely obnoxious motor cycles travel past us all the time. Grrrr...., so needless to say, I need to keep the windows closed.

Ok, so here are some other great things I am learning about the CTFLC journey. It's done in 8 week cycles. Programming our bodies to learn how to use fat and carbs properly takes time, and the healing process from years of over eating, too many carbs and an influx of too many fats and proteins also takes time. The 8 weeks program the mind, body and hormones to get into a healthy eating program. Once the 8 weeks is up, you can start the cycle again depending on how much weight needs to be lost. If you have hit your goal weight, then you start on the maintenance program (I talk more later about each cycle and why it's so essential). I think it's important to mention that depleting carbs 20grams or less a day is not necessary when restarting the cycle each time. The body needs carbs--it cannot function without them. So what I am learning is the 7 day Carb Deplete cycle only is necessary in the very beginning. When I am finished with the first 8 weeks and if I want to start over then I can begin with week #2, which brings carbs into the diet at a slow and regular pace.

Can you tell I am excited about this? Well, I certainly am. This week is hard because I am not eating bread, grains or wheat but I keep going because I know that eventually I will get to eat them again and I will be a healthier person for it. ;-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Life Style August 30th

Are you worth it verses are you worthy of having it--or are you entitled to it? Ever told yourself that when it comes to food? I certainly have. I have come to the realization that none of us deserve that good food. God gave us food to live and also to enjoy, but not to horde or consume in an unhealthy way.

Instead of believing that I am worth it to have this food, or that I am worthy of it or entitled to it, I would say that "I am worth it be healthy", "I am worthy of this weight loss" and "I am entitled by the grace of God to live a healthy life".

New update on Crack the Fat Loss Code- Day's 1 and 2 of week #1- Carb Deplete week.

I am a little behind on my posts, but today is the 2nd day of Carb Deplete week.
Yesterday (Sunday) I decided to start the plan. I could definitely feel the lack of carbs and caffeine yesterday. I was hungry almost all day and felt tired. I also could tell that I was detoxing--on the first day!! WOW! I usually don't feel like I am detoxing until a few days in, so it goes to show how much my body needed this. Today I am doing pretty well. A little tired and I can tell that I am a bit fatigued but nothing major. I also weighed myself this morning and found that I am at the weight that I ended up at last year after losing some on a weight loss challenge. So this is a good start.

So here's the scoop- Carb deplete week is a 7 day, 20grams or less of carbs. What does this mean exactly? Well I'll tell ya. ;-) No carbs can come from grains or wheat--AT ALL. They essentially come from dairy and veggies. There might be some others, but that is mostly it. The plan is to get rid of all of the Glycogen (starches) out of the body. This is kind of like when someone does a full engine flush in their car-- taking out the old, and then eventually putting back the new.

You might be asking--What is the purpose of this? Well, as we grow older it gets harder and harder to lose excess fat. Why is this? It's caused by over eating and/or eating the wrong kinds of foods. Another cause could be that we may be eating the right foods, but aren't combining them correctly or eating them at the right time of day. So this New Life Style plan is designed to re-generate the body and tell it how it should work. We should never allow our body to control us, but we should be controlling it. God gave us a perfect working machine (the body) and if we do not give it the right kinds of fuel, then it will not work properly.

As I am learning all of the processes of this new plan, I am gaining so much knowledge. This is great stuff guys. I would definitely recommend this book as a must read. Check it out at the library or go buy one. I hear you can get it for under $10.00 at Wal-Mart. It's called "Crack the Fat Loss Code- Outsmart your metabolism and Conquer the Diet Plateau" By Wendy Chant, MPT, SPN.

So, for week one there are limited things you can eat each day. The reason for this is of course to eat more protein and veggies and less carbs. The goal is to get 4-6 small meals in each day with the focus of continually feeding the body-not starving it.

Anyway, I am excited to see some results. Next week starting on Sunday I will be adding carbs back into my diet. Wahoo! ;-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday August 26th

So, today for the most part has been a good day. My new lifestyle plan (Crack the Fat loss Code) has been on my mind a lot. I am still working through the book and have realized that other than reading it to educate myself; I am trying hard to understand the concept of it all.

I told you I would write about each cycle in detail as I go through them, and I will, but here is what I know so far.

The first week is considered the Carb-Deplete week in which obviously I cannot have bread, rice, sugar, pasta, etc. That is OK since it really is only for 7 days.

It's the other weeks that confuse me. The next 3 weeks after that are called "Macro-Patterning Cycle" in which you begin to add starches (Carbs) back into the diet but at a limited level. You have day's where you Carb-Up and others where you Carb-Down. This apparently is to restructure the body's memory on how to utilize the foods appropriately and burn what is need but not store unwanted excess. The way they structure each day is also confusing, but I am hoping that by the time I get to week #2 I will have a bit more understanding. I am probably making it more complicated than it should be. No surprise there!

Also, the terminology that they use in this book is slightly over my head (hello, I am not a scientist here) such as "Perceived Efficiency Rate (PER) or Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) etc. Sheesh, can we speak English not Science?

Anyway, I feel like I just need to read the book through, stop nitpicking on the details and then go back and figure out how things work. I know that my friend Valerie who also lives by this plan could help me, so that makes me feel better. ;-)

On another note: I said earlier that I was having a pretty good day, and I am however lunch came and I was super hungry. They had a taco/salad/nacho bar today to fundraise for one of our programs here at work. I decided to buy my lunch and get nacho's instead of a salad (probably this was a bad idea). I began eating (which the meat was a bit salty) and right in the middle of eating it I became emotional. WHAT THE HECK!!!! I still feel emotional. I am wondering if some of it is due to my blood sugar dropping or feeling guilty for eating nachos. Who knows, but all I can say is I hate it when that happens. Ugh!

You’d think I would learn my lesson every time to not wait too long to eat. I did it this morning for breakfast as well. I stall on eating then pay for it much later, then when I decide to eat something heavy and not completely nutritious it throws me off. HELLO. Earth to Annjeri. This is not a game, it's serious.

Anyway, the issues I am having today are some of the exact reasons I want to re-structure my eating habits. I want consistency, I want energy and I hate being overweight. This plan encourages eating 4-6 small meals a day which I know if I can stick to it, my blood sugar issues will not be an issue.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crack the Fat-Loss Code planning

Hello yall,
For those of you who are aware of my prior posts regarding weight loss--well I am back at it again. I think I mentioned this before, but will mention it again.

A friend of mine referred me to a book called "Crack the Fat-Loss Code" by Wendy Chant. (Thanks Valerie for the referral) ;-)

Anyway, I have been reading (slowly--bit by bit) this book that has a totally new concept of losing weight. It's all about changing your body so that it burns fat verses carbs. So to start this (I haven't decided which day to begin yet)I will be doing week #1 of this new lifestyle. It's called the "Carb Deplete" week. There are no allowances for goof-ups during this week. I cannot go over 20 grams of what they call "Active Carbs". Take Grams of Carbs - Grams of fiber = Active Carbs. Interesting eh?

Basically during this Week 1 phase, you eat less carbs but more lean protein and veggies. Not all veggies are allowed, but I do have to say that most of the food items listed for carb depletion are items that I eat on a pretty regular basis. So, this is cool right? I can do this!!!! I will probably even count my calories during this time to see how well I am maintaining in the "healthy" zone. Not that I will be eating unhealthily but I also don't want to starve myself.

So, this new lifestyle plan is an 8 week, get my body back into gear BLAST OFF. I haven't read the entire book yet to know what it all looks like, but it makes sense. I will try and blog either every day or several times a week with how the plan is going--I of course will also add any fun things I am doing as well just to keep things interesting. ;-)

For each new week of the plan, my intent is to talk about each stage, what I am eating and how I am doing (Physically and emotionally). Should be interesting.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dealing with it.

Big question of the day. Why is it we feel the need to procrastinate the inevitable when we could be taking care of the issue right away and not allow it to burden us? Most people do not like confrontaion although there are some out there that do not mind it.

Isn't it interesting how we can stew on something, chew on it, swallow it and then regurgitate it and chew on it some more? Isn't that what cow's do? Why do we feel the need to fully and completely process our "mental issues" until they become bigger and bigger and bigger? Inevitably we not only hurt ourselves by doing this, but we tend to hurt the other person as well. On top of that, the longer you wait to deal with it, the more confusing it is for the person you are having the conflict with. Inevitably with letting the issues stew for too long, the "problem" is now the size of a walrus verses when the issue occured it probably was the size of a pea.

Then, there is this issue. Some people do not seem as threatening to us, so it tends to be easier to confront them on something and not feel like things are going to fall apart in doing so. Then there are those other relationships that actually could fall apart if you brought something up.

I found this great article from Charles Stanley that words all of this much better than I can.

How can we confront conflict?
A. Recognize the cause. Conflict may result from different opinions, a personality clash, miscommunication, or jealousy. A person who is angry with someone else—or even with God—may take it out on you. Other conflicts have their root in rebellion against authority or emotional baggage from childhood or previous relationships.

B. Consider the effect of conflict. There are at least two wrong responses to disagreements. First, some try to suppress conflict—they recognize a problem but decide to do nothing about it. Second, people may repress it. In other words, they deny that conflict even exists.

When conflict is not dealt with properly, it affects most areas of our lives. Unresolved disagreement divides the mind, contributes to health problems, and hinders our emotions. It causes unnecessary pain and disappointment. If you are holding on to anger toward another person, you can’t truly love anyone. Unresolved conflict also thwarts our fellowship with God and delays personal growth.

C. How can we respond wisely to conflict?

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment. Since disagreements have various causes, begin with seeking God to learn the source in each situation.
Maintain a quiet spirit. Our natural reaction is to defend ourselves when attacked. Instead, let the other person talk, and sometimes he or she will reveal the root of the conflict.

Make no attempt to justify yourself immediately. When people are furious, they can’t listen to your perspective. If God leads you to defend yourself, wait until the other person finishes. He or she will be more likely to hear your side.
Ask the Holy Spirit to guard your mouth. Psalm 141:3 says, “Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Don’t blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Carefully consider what you are going to say, and leave time for God to provide you with wise answers (Luke 12:12).

View the conflict as coming from God. It doesn’t originate with the Lord, but He desires to use everything for good in our lives. When I learned to view discord as something the Father allows, it freed me to view such situations objectively. This perspective protected me from becoming bitter toward God or critical, resentful, and angry at others.

Ask the Holy Spirit whether you are at fault. If you were wrong, immediately apologize and ask for forgiveness. When you feel unjustly condemned, learn to say, “I appreciate that you felt free to tell me this. I will prayerfully evaluate your criticism. Do you have any other suggestion that would help me?” Humility is always the right approach to disagreements.

Forgive the one responsible for the conflict. Even if the other person’s analysis is wrong, forgive him for bringing discord into your life (Eph. 4:32). Jesus provided the perfect example of this. During the crucifixion, He prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).

Ask God to reveal His purpose for allowing the conflict. You may not know immediately why the Lord is allowing difficulty. In time, you should be able to see what He accomplished through each situation you faced. Pain, suffering, and heartache mature us spiritually and equip us to help others more effectively.

IV. Conclusion: Conflict may be inescapable, but you and I can choose how to respond. If you are unable to agree with the other person, don’t feel like a spiritual failure. No one can force reconciliation, but you can choose to walk in forgiveness, regardless of any outcome. Ask God for wisdom, and He will be faithful to guide your steps. This hurting world needs a reason to hope—the Father desires that our response to conflict be a compelling demonstration of His power and grace.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday August 17th

Note: If there are any guys reading this, I want to apologize ahead of time. Although this blog is not graphic, it contains mostly girly things. So just be prepared.

OK, where do I start? For you women, I know that to some extent you will understand what I am writing about today. I know that we all deal with hormones and emotional breakdowns, which can be quite embarrassing some times.

Today was one of those times. I was doing pretty well this morning. We were allowed to go into work an hour late because we are having a department fun day. So, I got a Starbucks and walked into work in a pretty good mood. This week is spirit week for Young Life and everyone who can are to dress up with a different theme each day. Today was "what you wore in high school day". (It’s been 13 years since I graduated HS so no way do I have any of my clothes from back then) Of course, what must come with that is "how did you act in school day and prank day and a prank was pulled on me and another co-worker. It involved some of my personal items that had to be replaced, but all in all, no big deal--right?

Wrong--apparently, the prank set me off on a spin that I was so unprepared for. I couldn't believe how I reacted. I was completely emotional, upset and just wanted to cry. WHAT THE HECK!!!! This is not me. Yes, I would have normally been irritated, but then I would have moved on and just laughed about it later. But no, Annjeri did not take it well. Sheesh! What is wrong with me? As I was trying to work I thought "OH, it's that time of the month!". My hormones are so wacky right now (which I think I need to consult my OB soon) and I need to figure out what to do about it.

Anyway, I am embarrassed to say that my emotions took over me and therefore I couldn't see beyond that at the time. So, this is what I found out online for an article talking about the weeks of the month before the period. This is an excerpt about week #4 which explains ALOT!

WHAT'S HAPPENING: During this premenstrual week, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels plunge.

MOOD: You may find that your mood vacillates from mellow to irritable in a heartbeat. That's falling estrogen's fault. As it plunges, it decreases the brain's level of serotonin and increases chemicals that govern your body's stress response.

So, needless to say, I was stressed. But here is to a better day. We just got a 15 minute chair message, and will only have to work a half day and then off to fun.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday August 16th

Hey Yall,
So, I am finally back to the blogger world. I had a good stay-cation last week and am back to the full swing of work and just daily life. I will write more about my birthday celebration in another post because I want to be able to post pictures with it.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce everyone to a blogger who goes by "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser"--by Sean Anderson. The man is amazing. He began his weight loss journey at 505 pounds and still going strong! I would have to say is he extremely encouraging and I love how he writes.

Anyway, at different times I might add some of the things he writes on my blog because they are so very inspiring and encourageing to me. Here is one of them. For many of us on the journey to weight loss and health, it can be discouraging and many times emotional. My life is like a roller coaster right now where this is concerned and I want to just keep reading this in order to someday have it sink in.

"The difference between this being a struggle and being an enjoyable road all the way---is completely between our ears. It is a friendship with food, an understanding---it's just living---simplifying the process...and realizing that we can do this in a most enjoyable way that will leave us wondering what the trouble was all of those years. The trouble is always what WE make it. The limitations, the rules, the frustrations---we choose it all...it's perspective. It's letting go of every excuse or rationalization that have always held us back. It's no longer being the "victim." It's choosing change before change chooses us. It's a very powerful idea. Empowering. It's deciding that this is too important to allow any emotion, circumstance, person, place, or thing steal it away from us. We deserve this freedom---it's ours if we choose to make it one of the most important things we've ever done. The importance level MUST be set that high, because if it isn't---it becomes too easy to just say..."oh well, we'll try again some other time." Make this the LAST TIME. Because if we don't---"someday" will come anyway---and changes will choose us---and if it's not on our terms, we're probably not going to like those changes. Choose the change you've always dreamed about. You're completely free to fly my friend!!!!!!!"

This certainly encourages me today. I know that my entire life has been about how I feel, what I want or what I deserve. This shouldn't be this way all the time. It has hurt me for many years because really, I have allowed things to change me instead of me making choices to change my life.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Checking in

Hey all, just checking in. I haven't written in a while. It's hard for me to sit for very long at the home computer because of my back, so I usually take a break at work and do my writing.

Anywho's, things are going well. I am taking a mini stay-at-home vacation. It's been an interesting one. Wednesday was my birthday so I spent it with some family and a friend of mine. Thursday (Yesterday) I started a new painting.
Today (Friday) I will continue working on my painting. Can't wait to post pictures soon. It's a big picture of a Lilly for my bedroom wall. Hopefully I can make it look as 3D as possible.

Weight loss wise--well I haven't been seriously trying the last couple of weeks. I know I need to get back into it though. I weighed myself at my moms house and found that I haven't gained anything, so that is good.

Well, will post more later.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Great news

Yesterday I had my re-exam with my Chiropractor. I guess they do these every 12 visits. Anyway, I found out some great news. They can tell my posture is getting better. Soooo glad for that.

Also, they do this test to see how your body stabilized your weight and if it is level. You stand on this machine that has 2 scales (one for each foot) and it can tell how much weight you’re right or left side is carrying. If it's off, it’s due to sublexation in the vertebrae and also bad curvature in the spine. For my body, I carried 75 more pounds on my right than I did on my left when I first started Chiropractic care. Well yesterday, I am now only at 50 more pounds. So it's getting better. Yippeee!!!!!

I still have a long way to go, but I am happy to see progress.

On another note, they set up my standing desk at work. I have been waiting for the computer monitor and keyboard. When I arrived this morning they had the monitor (which was not set-up) and no keyboard. Found out they ordered the wrong kind of monitor that works with the kind of computer I have. The plan is to have 2 monitors and 2 keyboards hooked up to 1 computer in order that I can stand up or sit down at any given time while working. This will not be able to happen with the way my work station is set-up. And, I was told I am not eligible for a new computer until October so who knows what is going to happen. To be honest, I am frustrated because sitting too long at my desk causes pain and strain on my back, so I am getting antsy. Grrrrr.....

Anyway, its Friday so I am glad to have the weekend off. My roommate and I are going fishing tomorrow--so excited about that and my neices and nephews are coming home some time this weekend so I hope to see them soon also.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Please be praying that this all works out. I just want to get healthy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Double Wammy

So yesterday started out pretty good. I was still dealing with pain in my back, but for the most part, it felt stronger, so therefore I chalked it up to a good start of the day.

Note: This excerpt on today’s blog reflects thoughts and emotions strongly influenced by yesterday’s activities. I am still dealing with some of them today, but they are really not as bad as they were yesterday. I will describe what I know as truth at the end of the blog, but for now, let’s travel back in time to yesterday shall we?

The double whammy hit me----drum roll please…..

#1 Slam in the face: After I got settled into work, I started having a conversation with some co-workers--as it turned out, we began talking about dating--let it be known that I was the only single person involved in the conversation. The tables turned and we began talking about E-Harmony. Have any of you ever used their services? Well, at the time I used them, which was about 3-5 years ago, I wasn't too impressed. I wasn't ready for it, and therefore was hurt one too many times by all of the rejections I received. But, according to this particular conversation, it took a spin that I didn't particularly like.

I opened my big mouth and commented on the fact that I felt that maybe the men took a look at my picture and then weren’t interested (which basically chalks down to me not having much self esteem). My co-worker said something that really hit me hard--made me depressed. I was very sad when she said this. "Maybe for you Annjeri, you just need to become friends with someone, be best friends with them for a while and that is how you will find your man". Really????? That makes me feel SOOOOOO good. NOT!! Let alone the fact that men are visual people and therefore are apparently not attracted to thicker women. (I know this is not true, but I have had sooo many people make comments like this to me, I find it very difficult to not have that mentality myself) Basically, what she was really saying was “I am not going to find a man because I am pretty, he needs to get to know me personally and then be attracted.” Well, maybe that’s true to some degree, but it still hurts.

I have struggled for so many years with my weight and have had people say that I won’t find a man unless I am thin. GAAAAAAAA!!!! Makes me just want to scream. This is what the world is telling us people! They say that you have to look this way or that way in order to find love. Well, I find that to be a bunch of BULL HONKEY! I find it difficult already to have the oomph to get up every morning and eat right, and then do a work out every day. I already have difficulty with wanting to “Look Pretty” with make-up and nice hair because frankly “I DON’T FEEL PRETTY”.
#2 slam in the face: Ok, so the next thing that happened was we were talking about birthdays and how old some of us were. I always joke around and tell people that I am 27. The same co-worker who mentioned the issue about dating also said this…

Co-worker- “Annjeri, how old are you really?”
Annjeri- “I’m turning 32 next week”
Co-worker- “Really? I thought you were 37”

Silence Please. Shocked. Flabbergasted. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????

In order to cover her tracks, her face turned a bit red and then she said “Well, I always think people are older than they look”.

HA! WHATEVER!!! She was serious! I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it. DO I REALLY LOOK THAT OLD?? Golly Gee Willakers Maynard! I seriously need to do something about this. Not only am I over wait, but I look OLD!!!!

Sheesh! How do people handle these types of hits every day? I mean, my goodness! It makes me gag!! I just want to bust out crying right now just thinking about it. First of all, the standards of today’s beauty are hardly reachable-- Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Skin, Beautiful Nails, Tight stomach, Firm Thighs and arms that do NOT say HELLO and GOODBYE in the same waive. I know so many absolutely gorgeous women who are lovely inside and out, and have weight on them. These women are women whom I admire. They have learned to love people and shine no matter what they look like. Some of them are married, some are not. No matter, they are still beautiful. I would love to be in that place where no matter what I look like (Bad Hair, heavy, WHATEVER) I want to shine and have confidence.

Let’s face it ladies. In today’s society, they say one thing, but I know that GOD sais something else. He made us all unique and beautiful. He made us with unique personalities, different types of hair, skin and body types. HE made us all LOVELY! Isn’t that grand? It’s just a matter of not only knowing this in our heads, but in our hearts as well. I certainly haven’t fully grasped it myself. I feel like God has shown me different things about myself in the last few months that make me rethink the whole idea that I am not pretty, or worthy of love. I know that I am pretty--in my own way and I AM WORTHY OF LOVE. I hate the fact that sometimes I look haggard and older than I really am. I hate the fact that I am heavy and I know I am being judged based on that. I certainly do not know what it is that I need to do differently in regards to getting to know men who would be willing to get to know the real me, not just what I look like on the outside.

Sigh….. But, this is all a learning process. I just hope that by next time, if someone decides to throw me a curve ball, I will be ready with a mitted hand to catch the ball before it strikes me in the head. I know that this time around of my journey through weight loss really has to be for me, and no one else. The last time I lost weight I did it to feel good, yes, but I did it because I thought guys would like me better if I were thin. So, now I have to change my way of thinking-- realize that weight loss is for MY health, no one else’s. I am a person that someone, whoever you are, will want me for me—all of me thick, thin, beautiful, haggard.

So, here is to the start of a new mind set. Knowing the truth from God, not from man. Striving to be healthy inside and out because God wants it, not man. I know that once that is grasped—it is attainable. Here is to a healthy me. ;-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Having Birthday Fun.

So, long story, but here are a couple of pictures from a birthday celebration with CAMA. We have a theme "Flamingo's". This cake is in memory of our mascott "Charlie".
More pictures on that to come.


Hey all thought I would write-in for an update.

Projects: I have a couple of creative projects that I started working on. One is a huge canvas (I think I mentioned this a while back) where I want to paint something for my room. I am very excited about this. The place where I am living at now has had bare walls for waaaayyy too long. I just recently put up the prophetic painting in my room, and now it's time to start another. I was going to do this a week ago, but my back issues threw that out the window.

The second project that I started was painting the frames on a couple of pictures that I purchased in Gunnison last year. The frames are gold, and I am not too fond of gold d├ęcor, so I want to change it to black. I couldn't get the frames off, so I was trying to paint them with the glass--- Ya right! ;-) Paint was getting on the glass so I stopped. Sigh..... I need to find a way to get the frames off. Once I am done I will take pictures.

Oh, and I have to mention a couple of my birthday presents. Some of my bestest friends in Colorado (CAMA) gave me some beautiful gifts. 2 of which are cake, cookie and cup cake decorating books. I am so very excited about this. I might actually bake just to bake because these things are just too fun to let go to waste. I will post pictures of those also as I make an attempt. Tee Hee. ;-)

Weight Loss: Well, an attempt at losing weight has somewhat been pushed aside the last couple of weeks. I know I could have done better with eating, but I was just not into it. I guess when you are not feeling well, inspiration sorda goes out the window. It is a learning lesson for me though. I know that even though I don't feel inspired I need to try and push through it. So here is to a new start--again.

Back issues: The last couple of weeks have been a bit challenging, but I am crossing my fingers since yesterday and today seem a little better. I have been laid out with serious back pain, which of course does not allow me to do much. I have-thankfully-been able to hang out with friends and family a few times, but for the most part I have been going to the Chiropractor, to the gym (a few times) and then just hanging out at home. Tomorrow (Thursday) is a follow-up appointment to see how my back is progressing; more to come on that. In the mean time, I am continuing with my neck stretches (using the torture chamber) and occasionally going to the gym. That needs to get better.

Anyway, more later. Ta Ta.