Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday August 16th

Hey Yall,
So, I am finally back to the blogger world. I had a good stay-cation last week and am back to the full swing of work and just daily life. I will write more about my birthday celebration in another post because I want to be able to post pictures with it.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce everyone to a blogger who goes by "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser"--by Sean Anderson. The man is amazing. He began his weight loss journey at 505 pounds and still going strong! I would have to say is he extremely encouraging and I love how he writes.

Anyway, at different times I might add some of the things he writes on my blog because they are so very inspiring and encourageing to me. Here is one of them. For many of us on the journey to weight loss and health, it can be discouraging and many times emotional. My life is like a roller coaster right now where this is concerned and I want to just keep reading this in order to someday have it sink in.

"The difference between this being a struggle and being an enjoyable road all the way---is completely between our ears. It is a friendship with food, an understanding---it's just living---simplifying the process...and realizing that we can do this in a most enjoyable way that will leave us wondering what the trouble was all of those years. The trouble is always what WE make it. The limitations, the rules, the frustrations---we choose it's perspective. It's letting go of every excuse or rationalization that have always held us back. It's no longer being the "victim." It's choosing change before change chooses us. It's a very powerful idea. Empowering. It's deciding that this is too important to allow any emotion, circumstance, person, place, or thing steal it away from us. We deserve this freedom---it's ours if we choose to make it one of the most important things we've ever done. The importance level MUST be set that high, because if it isn't---it becomes too easy to just say..."oh well, we'll try again some other time." Make this the LAST TIME. Because if we don't---"someday" will come anyway---and changes will choose us---and if it's not on our terms, we're probably not going to like those changes. Choose the change you've always dreamed about. You're completely free to fly my friend!!!!!!!"

This certainly encourages me today. I know that my entire life has been about how I feel, what I want or what I deserve. This shouldn't be this way all the time. It has hurt me for many years because really, I have allowed things to change me instead of me making choices to change my life.

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