Friday, August 6, 2010

Great news

Yesterday I had my re-exam with my Chiropractor. I guess they do these every 12 visits. Anyway, I found out some great news. They can tell my posture is getting better. Soooo glad for that.

Also, they do this test to see how your body stabilized your weight and if it is level. You stand on this machine that has 2 scales (one for each foot) and it can tell how much weight you’re right or left side is carrying. If it's off, it’s due to sublexation in the vertebrae and also bad curvature in the spine. For my body, I carried 75 more pounds on my right than I did on my left when I first started Chiropractic care. Well yesterday, I am now only at 50 more pounds. So it's getting better. Yippeee!!!!!

I still have a long way to go, but I am happy to see progress.

On another note, they set up my standing desk at work. I have been waiting for the computer monitor and keyboard. When I arrived this morning they had the monitor (which was not set-up) and no keyboard. Found out they ordered the wrong kind of monitor that works with the kind of computer I have. The plan is to have 2 monitors and 2 keyboards hooked up to 1 computer in order that I can stand up or sit down at any given time while working. This will not be able to happen with the way my work station is set-up. And, I was told I am not eligible for a new computer until October so who knows what is going to happen. To be honest, I am frustrated because sitting too long at my desk causes pain and strain on my back, so I am getting antsy. Grrrrr.....

Anyway, its Friday so I am glad to have the weekend off. My roommate and I are going fishing tomorrow--so excited about that and my neices and nephews are coming home some time this weekend so I hope to see them soon also.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Please be praying that this all works out. I just want to get healthy.

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