Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey all thought I would write-in for an update.

Projects: I have a couple of creative projects that I started working on. One is a huge canvas (I think I mentioned this a while back) where I want to paint something for my room. I am very excited about this. The place where I am living at now has had bare walls for waaaayyy too long. I just recently put up the prophetic painting in my room, and now it's time to start another. I was going to do this a week ago, but my back issues threw that out the window.

The second project that I started was painting the frames on a couple of pictures that I purchased in Gunnison last year. The frames are gold, and I am not too fond of gold d├ęcor, so I want to change it to black. I couldn't get the frames off, so I was trying to paint them with the glass--- Ya right! ;-) Paint was getting on the glass so I stopped. Sigh..... I need to find a way to get the frames off. Once I am done I will take pictures.

Oh, and I have to mention a couple of my birthday presents. Some of my bestest friends in Colorado (CAMA) gave me some beautiful gifts. 2 of which are cake, cookie and cup cake decorating books. I am so very excited about this. I might actually bake just to bake because these things are just too fun to let go to waste. I will post pictures of those also as I make an attempt. Tee Hee. ;-)

Weight Loss: Well, an attempt at losing weight has somewhat been pushed aside the last couple of weeks. I know I could have done better with eating, but I was just not into it. I guess when you are not feeling well, inspiration sorda goes out the window. It is a learning lesson for me though. I know that even though I don't feel inspired I need to try and push through it. So here is to a new start--again.

Back issues: The last couple of weeks have been a bit challenging, but I am crossing my fingers since yesterday and today seem a little better. I have been laid out with serious back pain, which of course does not allow me to do much. I have-thankfully-been able to hang out with friends and family a few times, but for the most part I have been going to the Chiropractor, to the gym (a few times) and then just hanging out at home. Tomorrow (Thursday) is a follow-up appointment to see how my back is progressing; more to come on that. In the mean time, I am continuing with my neck stretches (using the torture chamber) and occasionally going to the gym. That needs to get better.

Anyway, more later. Ta Ta.


  1. hey annjeri,, sorry we got cut off via text message the other day... my phone has slowly been dying and it finally bit the dust of all times... during our conversation... anyway,. Im supposed to be getting a new battery in the mail today so if I do i'll check my phone for the text's you sent....
    love you woman!

  2. Its almost your birthday! MWHAAA HAA HAAA!!! Love ya!!