Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 3-CTFLC Week 1

So, from now on any time I write about my journey through Crack the Fat Loss Code, I will probably label it as CTFLC--it's so much easier.

Anyway, I wanted to tell everyone about one of the yummiest snacks I have found yet during this Carb Deplete cycle. Take 1/2 Cup cottage cheese; sprinkle a little Splenda and Cinnamon on it and WALLA! You've got what tastes like HEAVEN! Yummo as Rachel Ray would say. ;-)

Did you know?-- That Apple Cider Vinegar is a fat burner? Yup, sure is!!! It's a great tasting fat-burning vinegar. Not only does it taste fantastic, but it also burns fat because of the cider vinegar's changes in our digestive and enzyme profiles. You can use it as a marinade for chicken or fish, or combine it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a yummy salad dressing. I personally have only used it for salad dressings and it tastes super yummy. Just take 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 tbsp Olive oil + fresh minced garlic and add salt and pepper to taste. It's fabulous! ;-) Tonight, since I am supposed to eat broccoli, I am going to put the dressing over steamed broccoli. Tasty!

Today is day 3 of my new life style. I am actually doing pretty good. I can tell that I might be eating too much salt though because my ears feel like they have something pressing on them from the inside. Weird eh? So, my goal for the next few days is to try and watch how much sodium I am taking in. Also, I have to meet my water intake which is 70-90 oz of water daily. I am sailing through that just peachy. The downside to all of that is I am in the restroom many times a day and through the night. Sigh.... NEED SLEEP! I know that one of the essential things to weight loss is sleep. When you lack that, then your body does not function properly. Sleep allows your body to heal and recoup from the day. Soooo, I have to figure something out to get my body to relax and sleep better.

On that note, I am so looking forward to Fall for many reasons--its cooler, its cooler and did I mention its cooler? LOL. No really, I love how cool it feels in the fall, but I also love the color changes and the feeling of "holiday" coming my way. Sigh.... it needs to come now!! ;-) Anyway, cooler means I can keep my window's shut in my room which also means more quiet. Our house back's up to a very busy street, and my roommate and I have our bedrooms facing that very same loud busy street. Large Semi's and extremely obnoxious motor cycles travel past us all the time. Grrrr...., so needless to say, I need to keep the windows closed.

Ok, so here are some other great things I am learning about the CTFLC journey. It's done in 8 week cycles. Programming our bodies to learn how to use fat and carbs properly takes time, and the healing process from years of over eating, too many carbs and an influx of too many fats and proteins also takes time. The 8 weeks program the mind, body and hormones to get into a healthy eating program. Once the 8 weeks is up, you can start the cycle again depending on how much weight needs to be lost. If you have hit your goal weight, then you start on the maintenance program (I talk more later about each cycle and why it's so essential). I think it's important to mention that depleting carbs 20grams or less a day is not necessary when restarting the cycle each time. The body needs carbs--it cannot function without them. So what I am learning is the 7 day Carb Deplete cycle only is necessary in the very beginning. When I am finished with the first 8 weeks and if I want to start over then I can begin with week #2, which brings carbs into the diet at a slow and regular pace.

Can you tell I am excited about this? Well, I certainly am. This week is hard because I am not eating bread, grains or wheat but I keep going because I know that eventually I will get to eat them again and I will be a healthier person for it. ;-)

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  1. I can tell you are excited! That's great! The book does have some decent recipes in it that are realistic for every day life. I think this plan will be a great lifestyle for you! Glad to hear you are doing so well! Luv, V