Friday, May 6, 2011

A new change

I don't really know how to start this post other than saying this:

I feel a change happening inside of me that I haven't felt in a really, really long time. I can really only give it credit to God and my willingness to submit. I know it's only been a week since I have "taken the plunge" as I like to call it.

A week ago this last Monday I was prayed over and received confirmation from the HS thru others just what God has been telling me. "Focus on Me Annjeri, pay attention to Me Annjeri and the things you are worried about and are anxious about will be put into alignment". It took me an entire week to see it. I was sad...HAD been sad to the core...feeling hopeless and despairing over where I am and where my future was going to take me.

I ended up getting contacted by a guy thru a website I am part of and we hit it off really seemed! He was silly and really easy to talk to. Then I started noticing some things that were not right. In the end I told him, in a nice way, to get lost because he had become so extremely perverted I was shocked-and shaken to the core. I could not believe that yet ANOTHER guy was doing this to me. WHY is it that some people think it's OK to treat a woman like that? Well I tell you it is NOT OK!

That Sunday I cried out to God. I was seriously sick of everything going on with my life that I just couldn't take it any more. I could feel something shaking loose inside of me but there seemed to still be a lot of work before I could figure out what it was. On Monday of this week I was feeling this overwhelming pressure inside of me just ready to burst. It had something to do with the emotions from the prior week but then again it was God's presence ALL THE WAY!! I posted a few day's ago about this experience to what happened when I got home from work on Monday, at how the dam finally burst.

Well, now its Friday and I cannot seem to get enough of God. I have been listening to the Audio Bible online, dowsing myself in worship and journaling. I have felt a difference within me. I am more joyful- more filled with His presence than I have in a long time. I feel Him working inside of me, pruning me from the inside out.

I am not exactly where I want to be but I am happy to be on this journey. He is making me a better person. I can feel Him guiding me in every day decision's and I am so thankful for Him! ;-) I cannot imagine not being filled with the Holy Spirit. This is going to be an exciting yet ever changing adventure for me. I have no idea where He is going to take me. All I know is this.

I am nothing without God.

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