Friday, September 24, 2010

OH, it's that type it is?

Have you ever felt like society today has put pressure on us girls that we have to be beautiful at all times? In other words, if we do not have our hair or makeup just so, then we are not pretty? Ugh!! Sometimes I feel that big time and it really ticks me off. Now, I know it's best if we try and make ourselves presentable and not look frumpy or drab (at least not every day) but come on!--we're only human. There will be days where you just don't have time to straighten your hair or curl it just so. Sometimes a pony tail is really the only thing that will work for you on that day.

I had a situation yesterday where a lady (we'll call her Whiner) decided to tell me like it is, in front of whoever was close by to listen. Here is how the conversation went.

Whiner- “Annjeri, you didn't want to straighten your hair today? “
Annjer- (Pause.....) “No, I am doing different things with my hair.”
Whiner- “Oh, but you looked so pretty yesterday............”

Ummm, hello!!! Thanks a lot! Basically what your saying is you look awful today but yesterday you looked soooooo much better. Now that you have made me feel ugly in my pony tail, I now have this complex that if I don't straighten my hair then I am not pretty. How rude!!!!! (I have to mention that this person is someone who constantly talks down to people and treats them like their a toddler, so my annoyance was brought up by many levels because well, that person is just way too annoying). Needless to say that Whiner is pretty young (younger than me by the way) and styles her hair and wears clothes from the early 90's!! She wears high water pants (every day) for goodness sakes. But I am not going to go and tell her that her style is really not to my liking, could she please change the way she looks. I think not!

Anyway, I find it hard to style my hair just so in the first place because I have naturally curly-frizzy hair, and it takes time and a lot of energy to blow dry it, straighten it and then give it a bit of wave every day. Most days’ I do not have the energy for it. I usually wear my hair curly with bobby pins to keep it out of my face and really never hear a peep from anything about how I look until that one, glorious day of the year where I wear my hair fully down, straight and silky--and that is when all the people who see me tell me I look pretty.

I just want to let all you ladies know that no matter how you style your hair, even if a certain way you do your hair may be more flattering to you, YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL!! Keep that in mind when you walk out the door each day and don’t let a “know it all” tell you otherwise. ;-)

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  1. That women needs to learn some manners. That was so mean. Sorry sis. You are beautiful no matter how your hair looks.