Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 5-CTFLC Week 1

Yeah for day #5-

I have to admit, even though I am determined to stay going on this journey, today is probably a little less easy than yesterday. I didn't sleep well last night because of my back, and again getting up many times to use the restroom. Sooo, today I am a bit tired and just feel blah.

I am still wondering if I am taking in too much salt. My ears still feel like there is pressure there so I might need to check my blood pressure in the near future. I hate having issues like that--it sucks!!

Last night I decided to change up my eating a bit so I grilled some steak and chicken for the rest of the week. I didn't get home until late, so I didn't give myself much time to tenderize the steak so it came out tough. Bummer, but still edible. ;-) I am so glad we can eat most lean meats. It breaks up the monotonous.

Today I am a little hungrier than yesterday. I still had to force myself to eat breakfast though. I was a bit hungry when I woke up, but when it came time to eat I wanted to gag. LOL! I will be glad when we can have grains soon, and then I can eat oatmeal on some days. It will be a good change-up from eating eggs every morning.

As far as water goes, I am doing my best to drink through-out the day. 70+oz is what I am getting in. There are so many theories on how much a person should drink. I heard a while back on the news that the idea of how much water a person should drink isn't really what it was a while back. I've heard you should drink 1/2 of your body weight, which would be like chugging a ton of water each hour. What are your thoughts and what have you heard to be healthy? For now, I am just going to stick to the amount recommended in the book unless I hear of something better.

Good to know: Here is some information that I have been reading about for fat loss--thought it was pretty interesting. This is a quote from the CTFLC book.

"The best part about manipulating the body's energy stores is that, ultimately, we can get the body to store less fat altogether, giving you higher sustained energy levels. That's right; when you manipulate glycogen stores over a long period of time, the body takes what it's eating and forces it to be used for sustained energy levels, instead of storage as fat.

The body is stubborn, but it can be trained. It wants you to survive; that's why it stores fat. It thinks that by saving up plenty of energy, it can keep you healthy in case of emergency. But that's just your cave dweller brain thinking! Today we don't need to hunt and gather our food, so there is rarely a time when we'll need to save all that fat in case of emergency. Just the opposite is true: our food is too convenient, too readily available. With the double-to triple-sized portions being the norm rather than the exception, we are eating too much and storing too much fat.

We need to teach our cave dweller brains the modern way of thinking. We do not need to be walking around with excess baggage, because we can learn for ourselves how best to eat for maximum performance. The payoff is rediscovering the joys of eating again. "

I love what the author sais here. I am learning that if I can train myself now how to live, I won't have to stress out about it much later, and I can still enjoy life and eating. This isn't a "diet". It's a way of life--coming to terms with how the body works is my ultimate goal so that I can live a good life, not one filled with being uncomfortable because I am big, or one where I am filling my body with toxins from the medications I am taking. I am so looking forward to the day when I am off the medications because then I am going to do a full body cleans to get rid of them. That will be a day to party for sure. ;-)

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