Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 4- CTFLC Week #2

Well, I am on my way into week #2. Sunday the 4th was my first day and basically, I was supposed to only have 1 carb meal that day. Well, I ended up breaking down and had several carbs (including some sugar) that day. Uggg.... I chalked it up to a carb up day since I had been off of major carbs for 7 days.

Today I weighed myself and found I am pretty much at the same place as I was last Friday. I might have lost a few ounces but the scale could not make up its mind on where it wanted to stay this morning sooooo... I am basically marking it as a zero weight loss or gain. Which is OK, I am trying hard not to be disappointed in myself. I know I have to live life and there are days where I need to eat more carbs in order for my body to function. I just am scared right now to eat more carbs because I don't want it to show a gain. Sigh.......

I am also working out now, which last week I couldn't because, well, I wasn’t' eating carbs. ;-) So, I have been going strong since Monday. Yesterday I did 35 min. on the bike, weight trained and then went home and after dinner I helped paint some of the laundry room. Today is a rest day to give my muscles some healing time and then tomorrow I will be back at it again. I know that when we build muscle, it weighs more than fat so that might also be the cause of a lack of weight loss. Who knows?

On the up side, since I have cut out regular bread from my diet, I feel so much better. I am not bloated like I used to be either. So, today I am going to buy some Ezekiel bread and see how my body handles that. I sure hope I do OK because I miss eating bread. ;-)

So, I am still on my journey of learning how to eat properly. This takes time. It takes learning. It means finding out how to fill the body with the proper nutrients to make it work and not starve. This is a lifetime experience, so I have to be patient with myself. I am also starting to count my calories again because I want to make sure that I am not over-eating in my 5-6 meal a day plan, or I could be under eating. I am also going to buy a food scale today, because most of the information out there goes by ounces rather than regular measurements. It will make my life so much easier I think.

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