Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Insanity and New Hair.....

Well, I love this time of year. I am not too happy that the weather is warm and the trees are already changing over, but again I still love this time of year. Fall is coming, cooler weather over the horizon, and the holidays are drawing near.

I got to thinking about my own life and how there are so many things happening, and really there are many changes taking place as well. I am overwhelmed by what is taking place, yet excited to see where God leads me for the future. Currently, stress and busyness have taken its place in my life and I am trying to figure out how to handle it. My eating and work outs are always affected when I feel this way, as well as how I present myself. If you haven't noticed I haven't been posting much about Crack the Fat Loss Code because I kinda fell off the wagon with it last week and honestly most of this week. Things have been so stinkin busy that I haven't even really cooked a meal but one time in 1.5 weeks. That is not good. That means I make bad choices and I end up eating more bread or pasta dishes and then I feel gross. So, tonight I am making a nice healthy meal that should last me for a few days (Chicken, asparagus and rice). That will eliminate some of the stress.

Last night I had my hair done by a good friend of mine, which made me look so pretty and I feel so much more confident in myself. We stripped my hair of the dark brown that I have had for a while and now I am cinnamon. LOVE IT!! To give my friend Cara credit, she said "I am going to SPICE you up!!". ;-) I love being pampered and honestly, I do not take care of myself as much as I really should. I don't even remember when the last time I had my haircut. My friend was like "When did we cut your hair last? It really needed it!”--Ugh!!! Today as people saw me they were complimenting me left and right, and even some were wondering what had changed--"You look different" they would say. This made me realize that I have really not been paying attention on how I look. I usually pull my hair up in a pony tail or I scrunch it with moose and pull it back in bobby pins to keep it out of my face. I probably am constantly looking like I am in high school or something because in all honestly, I still do my hair the same way I did back then. That was 13 years ago people. Seriously!! Of course my hair cuts have changed, just not the way I style it. So I am going to try and straighten it more often. It’s hard though, because I get hot when my hair is straight but we will try it and see. ;-)

Anyway, as I was saying before I am trying to deal/cope with stress. I am not a person who handles life very well when I have something going on every evening. Even if it means that my evenings are full at home with cleaning or organizing, then going places and doing things without much rest. I used to be the type of person who had something booked for every evening of the week and somehow I coped. I don’t know how. I don’t know what my sanity looked like back then. Maybe I just wasn’t sane and now I am. HA HA. I love when I have some evenings where I can just lounge after work and read or watch a movie. Sometimes I will even just go to my room and lay down with my eyes closed for a little while and let the quiet rejuvenate me. If I don’t have any of those moments then I feel like I do today—exhausted-emotional-ready to just throw everything to the wind and say “let those people deal with it because I’m done”. It certainly doesn't help when I am sleeping poorly either.

I know I am rambling and sorry if this post is a bit lengthy but it’s good to get some of these thoughts out. I really want to have a life where I know I can juggle eating well, exercise, work + over time, fun with friends and family and then responsibilities like paying bills, cleaning and organizing my house. Sheesh, it’s no wonder why I am no way ready to buy a home. I think that would send me over the top into the great land of insanity.

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  1. My hair is pretty much the same as high school to. I do it the same and it looks the same. LOL Its just easy for me.I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Love ya!!