Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun times...

Well, happy Monday everyone! ;-) Got to love Mondays. I have to say that yesterday I was totally not paying attention to what awaited me at work today. I am so glad too. I certainly did not want to focus on the fact that my job is super crazy right now, and who knows how many hours I will be working starting tomorrow. Yippeee!! Actually, the upside to all of that is my paycheck will have a little more cushion in it--so glad for that.

Last week was also a crazy week for me eating wise. I certainly did not make the best of decisions--and I paid for it. I ended up getting really stressed and allowed myself to go off of my eating plan. I therefore ate more carbs than I should have (which included some sweets) and therefore felt nauseous, headachy and my stomach constantly felt yucky. My body felt really week and I didn't have a ton of energy (which I am not sure what that was all about). Anyway, I was so tired last week that I only exercised one time. So this week I am getting back on plan. I can't stand having stomach aches and feeling like I did from eating too many bread or pasta products. So tonight I am going to make a healthy meal and start fresh.

This weekend my roommate and I went through our storage room to get it organized, cleaned out and ready for our new roommate to come in. I am giving a ton of old clothes and random junk to Good Will, but I found a lot of fun things too. I apparently--at one point-- went shopping a few years back when I had lost a ton of weight, and bought brand new jeans, Capri’s and workout clothes that still have their tags on them. WOW! This was so exciting. It was like getting presents all over again. I of course cannot fit into any of these items right now, but they are certainly giving me even more of an incentive to lose weight so I can fit into them. I am also keeping some of my favorite shirts that I wore when I was 1/2 of my size now and I really want to be able to wear them again. So all of that is exciting.

On the exercise front, this week I am going to focus on cardio 3-4 times and try and do weight train 2 of those times. If I get to the gym more than that, we are doing well. I am just not going to overdo it. I think the week before last week I went gung-ho on my work outs and that might be why I was so exhausted the next week. Who knows?

Anyway, here is to a new and healthy week.

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  1. Ok sis, if you can do work out then I need to as well. I am so lazy thought so Im not to secure that I will do it. I will try to wake up at five and instead of sitting and drinking coffee I will try to do a country song work out instead. LOL Wish me luck (although I dont really believe in luck). Love ya!!!!