Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cars, cops, tow men and boys

So yesterday I was on my way to a wedding for a co-worker and got into an accident. My fault of course. Seriously upset with myself, but it's over now and just waiting on my car to get fixed. I had to have my car towed to a Auto Body Shop of my choice because my insurance kept telling me that I am only covered for 1 tow (I would have towed it to my house and then figured out later where to take it). Come to find out this morning that I can have more than 1 tow not out of my pocket and that if I send my car to a body shop referred by my insurance, I do not have to have an adjuster come out. They can just fix it. What a pain!!!!! So now I have to have it towed a 2nd time and it could take a while before all is done but the good news is I also found out I am covered for rental car, so hopefully will get one on Monday.

So, while I was standing in the middle of the road (while my car was attached to the other persons car) I was waiting around, hoping to find some help. I of course forgot to bring my cellphone with me that day, so I had to wait for the lady who hit me to finish her calls and let me make a call. She apparently called the police (which by the way was literally 1 minute away from the crash) and they never showed up. In the mean time we are standing dangerously in the middle of the street and I am trying to tell her we need to try and move our cars because we are blocking everyone from getting through. Only one person out of the 25 or so cars that drove past slowed down and asked if we were OK. Turns out someone I knew saw me in the middle of the street but decided to drive on without helping. The wedding was more important I guess. Gotta love peoples priorities.

Finally, I talked the other lady into moving our cars to the police station and finish exchanging information there. Once she was done, she left and I had to wait in the station for an hour for the tow truck. Here is the conversation I heard while waiting.

Police Secretary- Ya, I had a mastectomy
Police Man- Oh really, did you catch the cancer too late?
Secretary- No, a year before I found out I had a mammogram and they didn't see any lumps.
Police Man- Wow, I don't think I could go through with that. You are a strong person.
Secretary- You know, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's either remove the breasts entirely or do Radiation and hope that no cells remain.

And so the conversation went on and on and on about how her breasts were removed and some conversation about her mammogram. I was like "seriously? this is what I get to listen to while my friend is getting married!--NICE!!!". By the way, there were like 5 male policemen to 1 secretary. Quite hilarious.

Finally, the tow truck man arrived. Let me tell you the minute I saw him I thought "Umm, is he trustworthy?". He had shaggy dog hair, no front teeth and his side teeth jutted out making the lack of missing front teeth very prominent. His shirt had multiple holes that looked like he had taken a cigarette and burned holes all over the thing. Not a very good first impression. He proceeded to tell me that the location that I wanted to drop my car off was not a secure location and that there were no key drop offs there, so he would need to take my car to his "Yard". (At this point I am in internally freaking out wishing my dad were with me) He said he was 99% sure that was the case. So he called his boss and they finally decided to just take my car to the location I asked for. (By the way, I found out it was a reputable place and they DID have a key drop off). On the way to the drop off, he proceeded to tell me what he thought about Colorado policemen and how incapable they were of doing their jobs. All in all it was a very interesting time.

Anyway, today (Sunday) to add to all of the chaos I get a phone call from my mom stating my 4 yr old nephew had an accident on his bike and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance because there was blood everywhere. Turns out my little nephew biffed it by colliding with another bike. He apparently took off his helmet before doing this too. So now he and his mom are waiting to see the doctor and who knows what all of the damage is. Poor guy. He busted his nose open and looks so sad. Please pray for him and my sister as they are going through this.



  1. Wow! Praying that your Sunday goes better than Saturday.

  2. What caos! I'm gld u are ok....I don't think there is room in your body for any more steel rods....;-)
    Becky sent me before and after pics of sky....poor kid...He will have great adventure stories to tell his own kids...Ha Ha!
    I love you Annjeri!