Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 6- CTFLC Week 1--Great news

Day 6 and 5 pounds lost! Wahoooooo!!! This is an exciting day people. I am charging forward. I am CRACKING THE CODE!!! ;-)

So, it's possible that most of the weight I lost is water weight, but who cares right? It's 5lbs less than I was before, so that is exciting enough. I have to think- the more pounds I lose, the less weight will be on my back and on my knees and ankles. Oh, glorious day! It will be a major celebration once I find out how much weight I lost at the end of this 8 week cycle. But that's not only it, I will have become healthier. I hopefully will no longer have issues with cholesterol and high blood pressure. Very exciting.

In other news- Yesterday was a tough one for me. I was hungrier than the day's before, and I felt weaker too. I did however break down and have a cup of coffee with real creamer in it. It's was DELICIOUS!!!! Oh, how I miss my coffee. You can have coffee on this plan, but the book states it's better to have sugar free in everything you drink. I however cannot stand most sugar free drinks, so if I can't have it, then I usually don't drink it. But yesterday I was cold and just wanted the yumminess. ;-) I really wasn't feeling too guilty about because it was really a treat for me.

I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend. I am hoping to get some painting on canvas in, but also we are painting our laundry room yellow--SO FUN--and might work on that some as well. My cousin Tammy is in town so I am hoping to see her too, but we will see.

I also should be able to start exercising on Sunday since that starts Week #2 and I begin to eat regular carbs again. We will see how the first workout goes. I bet it will feel great. Elliptical, HERE I COME!!!!

Well, healthy eating everyone and have a great Holiday Weekend!

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  1. are doing great! I hope you get to see Tami.....
    Love u