Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 6-CTFLC Week 2- Confused...

Good morning. Today was weigh-in day for me--second time this week. I got too antsy for my own good after our holiday weekend and weighed myself on Tuesday as well. The results are the same today. The scale cannot make up its mind if I lost anything or gained. It wiggles back and forth and won't stay in one place. Ugh!!! It is very frustrating. So on Saturday at the gym I am going to weigh myself and see where it is. It will probably be a little different since I will have eaten breakfast by that time, but I will try and account for that. When I weigh myself at work, I do it before I eat or do any major water intake.

I guess I feel like I am busting my butt and the scale isn't moving in the right direction. Sigh... But, I know I cannot give up. I have to keep moving forward and eat well and exercise. I know that this is good for my heart and over all well being. Not seeing the scale move is frustrating. Since I weigh way more than I should, I want to see it go down, even if it is a pound or 2 a week. I know that the more I exercise, the more muscle I gain and muscle weighs more than fat--so this must be one of the reasons why I am not seeing a huge change. There were a few days this week that I could have eaten more veggies, so today and the rest of this time I will concentrate on that more as well.

On a good note, I have noticed some toning in my legs. I haven't noticed a lot of difference in my waist or arms, but I can tell I am toning up. This week I have been focusing on incorporating multiple types of exercise into my routing. I did the elliptical (Monday), bike (Tuesday) and yesterday (Thursday) I swam 12 laps or 6x back and forth. I think today I might go back and do some elliptical and then tomorrow work on increasing my laps.

Anyway, on another note, I am excited for fall to come. I see signs of it as the leaves are turning different colors, but the weather is acting weird. We keep having warm days and then some cool. I cannot wait to decorate for it. ;-)

My roommate and I are also planning on going to one of those "paint your own pottery" stores soon. We found a good deal online and so I get to use my creative side in something else. Very exciting and fun. ;-) Oh, and one more thing--can you say "THRILLER!!!"? Yes, I and my roommate are going to learn Thriller in the next 2 weeks for her 80's Totally Tubular Birthday Party!!!! That will certainly bring a ton of laughter. Tee Hee!! ;-)


  1. Ha! Wish I could be there to see u strut your stuff. I'm proud of you for all the hard work you are doing. You have dropped big weight in the past so you can do it again....stay strong cousin! I love you!

  2. Where are you going to paint your own pottery? We went to Color me Mine at Briargate and even though its a $10 studio fee, they do have deals on different days, and its unlimited paint...some of the others you have to pay per paint. anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. :)