Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend fun and first times

This weekend so far has been amazing. Yesterday (Saturday) we went to a re-wedding in Buena Vista Colorado at one of the Young Life camps. I call it a re-wedding because our friends, Brian and Maria were married in December in California. There were many of us that were not able to attend, so they planned a "Re-Stating of the Vows" for us. Maria was able to walk down the isle in her beautiful dress for the second time--AND she is having another celebration later in Oklahoma with her husbands side of the family. Cool eh? I love it!

It took 2 hours to drive there.

We hung around and chatted with a bunch of people.

We sat and watched the ceremony.

Then we had lunch and hung around some more.

Then my friend Clint and I went for a lovely walk in the forest.

We walked over a bed of dear poo.

It was gross.

The trees were lovely.

It was invigorating! ;-)

Then we went to dinner at this restaurant where you only had 2 choices of food. Steak or Prim Rib. I chose the leaner of the 2 and it was delish!

Then we set sail and started the 2 hour drive home.

There were 3 cars in our caravan.

We stopped 3 times to use the potty and to dance.

Ya, you heard me.......WE DANCED! ;-) LOL

We got out of the cars, blared the music and danced many a jig.

We had great fun

So much laughter

And were exhausted.

The End.

Oh wait, don't leave yet, I have one more thing to tell you about. ;-)

I tried a new thing this morning.

Gluten Free Pancakes with fresh Strawberries and Blueberries.

They were delicious!

If you are someone trying to stay away from Gluten and Wheat, you have got to try these. They are super simple.

Here's the mix that I used.

Then add 1 egg

Then add 1/4 cup Almond Milk

Then add 1 tbsp Vegetable Oil ( I am sure you could substitute it with a healthier oil if you have any.)

It doesn't call for this but I added some protein powder to the mix.

And they came out like this.

They were so worth it. Nice and fluffy and the texture was great. It actually seemed like I was eating bread which was very satisfying. I do want to try and make my own in the future though. That will cut down on the sodium. I noticed that they put way more salt in these pre-packaged items than is necessary. But, if you are not worried about sodium, you have got to try it at least once.

Bon Appetite

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