Friday, March 25, 2011


Friday Randomeness.

OK, so I am not a person who normally plucks my eyebrows or gets facial hair removed by waxing, but there is a technique out there called Threading and here is a video about it. I have heard that it is great and works wonders. ;-)


I think this word is very strange--Pontificating. Pontifi---WHAT!?! Sounds like a bad word.

Oh, excuse me I am Pontificating here!!!!

Defenition- to speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner: Did he pontificate about the responsibilities of a good citizen?

or better yet..

The word pontificate is also commonly used to describe a supercilious or patronizing expression of speech. Other terms that effectively describe one who tends to pontificate are pompous, haughty, ostentatious, and condescending. This approach to speech making or lecturing is often meant to demean those that have a different opinion, or in essence is used to make them feel inferior for not agreeing with the “enlightened” perspective of the person speaking.
Tonight I am going to a Chili Cook-Off with some fabulous friends.

You know where there beans there is magical fruit....

Oh, you know what I mean...

Or do you?

I'm sure I don't have to spell it out for you. ;-)

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