Monday, March 7, 2011

I love me some ballet...

This Sunday we went to Denver to go see Romeo and Juliet. This ballet was absolutely fabulous and I am in awe of the talent that these people have as they dance out these stories. Sorry if the pictures are hard to see since none of us remembered our camera's, these are all from our phones.

My Mom (Debbie) and I waiting for the ballet to start

My Mom and our friend Rita posing by the Ballet statue. This statue was really cool--it was so life like. You could even see veins in their arms--that is how much detail was put into it.

My roommate Gennae went with us.

Gennae, Me and Rita

This is a weird fixture that was in the theatre. We have one like it, only bigger in our Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs. It reminds me of Medusa. Yuck!

Gennae, Mom and Rita sitting in the theatre before ballet starts

The story of Romeo and Juliet is one of pain and beauty.

They had true love but because of their families, it was not to be

They met in secret because they could not stand to be apart

They were married in secret before Romeo felt he needed to escape.

And then the Fiar gave Juliet fake poison to make it look like she was dead. She planned to escape to be with her one true love. But Romeo found her before she could wake up and thought she was dead.

So he said his final good buy to Juliet and drank the real poinson.

..And killed himself out of deep anguish.

Juliet woke too late to find her one true love dead.

And at the end of the story, sadly, Juliet kills herself. The END...

After the ballet, we went and had dinner at a restaurant called Pappadeaux.

We all ordered from this side of the Menu. I had the Shrimp Creole, Gennae had the Shrimp Etouffee and my Mom and Rita split the Mixed Seafood Grill. It was absolutely delicious!

We had the opportunity to try Frog Legs for the first time. They were actually pretty good. Here I am with my first leg. HA HA!

My mom with her first ever Frog Leg. ;-)

Gennae with hers. She's had frog before but never like this.

And a picture of my mom AFTER she has eaten her frog legs. LOL! She wanted proof that she ate it all. ;-)

Here is a solute to one of THE MOST beautiful performing arts. ;-)

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