Thursday, March 17, 2011

I made my own hummus

Last night I finally made my own hummus. I am tired of buying hummus at the store when I have no control over the stuff they put in it, and the amount of salt that they add. Besides, it's good to be all natural and do it myself. ;-)

I ended up mashing the chickpeas before blending hoping that it would create a smoother consistency. I also split the batch up into 2 portions so I would not overwork the blender. By adding your liquid first and then the chickpeas helps the blender work the mixture to a smooth consistency. (I blended on the "Liquefy" setting)

So I started with this

The recipe called for 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice. I juiced 2 lemons which was a little more than 1/4Th.

I mashed up 3 cans of chickpeas. The recipe called for 2 cans but I ended up adding more liquid than I liked, so make sure you have some extra on hand in case you want to make it thicker.

Reserve at least 1 can of juice after draining the peas. The juice will be used during the process of blending to keep the mixture moist and moving. It also adds great flavor to your hummus.

Add about 2-3 tablespoons of EVOO. I honestly didn't measure I just drizzled some in there every once in a while.

By adding Sasami Tahini paste to your hummus, it is what binds it all together and gives it great flavor. Recipe called for 1/4 cup which I ended up using a bit extra since I added a 3rd can of the peas.

Garlic. The "Element of life" ;-) The recipe called for 2-3 cloves but I ehemmm....used 5 cloves. Let's just say my hummus was extra "spicy" from the garlic. I won't be using that much next time. LOL. Anyway, before I started the second phase of blending, I added the whole cloves to the liquid in the blender and liquefied it. Then added the chickpeas.

I put everything in a bowl and stirred it all together. Then I added Paprika

And dried Parsley

It came out super smooth and tasted Divine. I didn't even have to add any salt which I was happy about. Next time, I will measure everything exactly so that I can do a better job at calorie counting. I want to be able to measure out exactly what I need each day and know how many calories I am consuming.

On another note, I had blood work done for my lipids and thyroid. My thyroid is now at a "normal" stage with me taking medicine every morning. Yipppeee!

My lipids however where not too great. My good Cholesterol (HDL) was great. My bad Cholesterol (LDL) was way above normal so guess what I get to do? Lay low on Carbs and Sugars. I am actually already doing this because I am allergic to Wheat and possibly Gluten. As of yesterday I went off Wheat entirely and am working my way out of eating Sugar.

So, along with adding Green Food to my smoothies every morning and cutting out Wheat/glutenous products and sugar, I am on the road to recovery.

Here's to a new me. ;-)

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