Thursday, July 15, 2010

Struggles and successes

Hi all. So, today being Thursday, it really feels like it should be Friday. I will be honest with you. My journey through weight loss has seemed to be a yoyo this week. I didn't really keep track of my calories, but I kept track with eating veggies. Fruits on the other hand were not my strong point.

Anyway, this week seems to be dragging by. I have had some days where I feel emotional and a bit distressed over my progress so far. As I was reading another person's blog today, I thought I would borrow a line from their most recent post:

"Dealing with these powerful self-image hang-ups head on is a very small price to pay for the realization of a dream. And in dealing with these issues, I'm coming out stronger for the effort. This transformation stuff is so much more than physical my friend."

I wanted to cry when I read this. THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! Even though I haven't reached my ultimate goal, I still struggle with the self image stuff, and I know that even if I mess up, I HAVE to get back on track. It will be soooooo worth it in the end.

It has been driving me nuts because I so wanted to weigh myself almost every day. I told myself that I would only weigh in every Friday because I didn't want to become obsessed with this weight loss thing. I can totally see why I made that decision, because this week has been a struggle. My thoughts bounce around with--"What if I didn't lose weight because I didn't count my calories?" to "I wonder if I lost anything because I have been chugging water and trying my best to work out every day?". Ugh!!! I hate hate hate thinking about losing weight and eating--ALL OF THE TIME!!

I have had some good things happen this week though. Like I said before, I have been focusing on my water intake and exercise this week. So far, I have worked out every day--whether it be going to the gym or taking a walk at work. I also started going to the Chiropractor (which will be another post all together) and have had my first full body message in years.

Tomorrow I weigh myself and will give you the update then. I am crossing my fingers but I guess if I show no weight loss or even weight gain, it will give me an idea of how bad I do without keeping track of my food intake. But, if I lose, all the better right? ;-)

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  1. That was a pretty awesome quote. The thing about weight loss is the journey of learning how to eat.... If you and I have been overweight our entire lives,, we obviously dont know how to eat properly,, so its a journey.. and no matter what that scale says tomorrow, the journey doesnt end,, really until forever... ya know?
    I love you girl