Friday, July 2, 2010

The good and the bad

So, as you can see, here is an updated shot of me, which was done on Sunday June 27th, 2010. I am marking that day, because as of today I am now just less than 6 pounds lighter. Yipppppeeeeee!!!!! I weighed myself this morning, and was so excited to see the loss.

Anyway-- onto the good and the bad. Yesterday was day 4 of my journey. I was doing really well up until it was time to eat dinner. Now, let's back track just a bit to earlier in the day. I had just had a really good e-mail conversation with a friend of mine; discussing weight loss and things I could read to enhance my journey to good health. Anyway, she suggested not going out to dinner or eating out with friends for at least 2 weeks just so that I could get a handle on what I am doing. On this I agreed. I really didn't want to mess up.

So, this is what happened last night. I made myself a healthy sandwich because we were going to see a movie outside in one of the shopping centers here in town. My roommate didn't have dinner so we went to Panera bread. (Can you see where this is going?????). We enter Panera and I began to think about all of the reasons why I wanted Panera verses my light sandwich waiting for me in the car. Well, sure enough I caved and purchased a Turkey Artichoke sandwich. Ugh!!!!! It sure was tasty. I didn't eat the whole thing though. I was extremely tempted to eat the other half of the sandwich during the movie, but I didn't. Thanks goodness because I woke up with heartburn!!!!

Anyway, it gets even better. I ATE-Consumed-ENJOYED....guiltily a LARGE chocolate covered banana from The Chocolate Factory. I DON'T even want to know what the calorie intake of that was. Later I was like, WHY DID YOU DO THAT???? What about the whole idea of delaying pleasure for something better?

So, here is my thought on all of this on this fine, HOT Colorado morning. I know I beat myself up over things like this and then I fall--HARD! So, this morning I picked up right where I left off, and am choosing to even eat healthier than I planned yesterday!!!!! So, here is to another 5+ pounds lost as of this morning, and I am looking forward to seeing where I am at next Friday.
Hope you are all doing well.


  1. Cute picture sis! I so want to look good in jeans like you do!!!

  2. Hey good job on the weight loss! and even better job on picking up where you left off... you've got this annjeri! Ive seen you lose weight before,, you know how to do it, you've got this! I totally believe in you.

  3. That's awesome Annjeri :-) And don't beat yourself up too hard over the banana! I had my dinner smothered in cheese and sour cream last night when I COULD have said "hold the sour cream and cheese, please." Ick. But every day is a new day with no mistakes in in yet. :-) And I bet that banana was gooooooood...

  4. Congrats on your weight loss! As someone who has struggled with weight I can totally relate. I love Weight Watchers and have recently gotten back on the wagon. They have great recipes and make it easy to follow. Have a great day!