Monday, June 6, 2011

Wellspring of life

I read an article today called “Beauty and the Beastly heart” from, written by Kara Schwab. This particular segment of her article caught my attention.

"Our obsession with outer beauty reveals hearts hungering for God. Real, lasting beauty shines in us when we connect our (sometimes beastly) hearts to a living God who loves and forgives and heals. Fill your heart with His love and "guard [it], for it is the wellspring of life" (Proverbs 4:23) ... and perhaps, of beauty."

Amazing isn't it, how easy it is to fill our lives with things other than God because we feel like we need to be in control? We search for things to fill in the gap and in the moment become careless of our own hearts! We tend to give part of ourselves away to someone or something because we need a certain comfort.

How sad is this. I know for myself this has happened many times. I want for something and I go for it--yet in the meantime I haven't asked God what He wants for me. Is this the right path for me God? Do you want this for me? Will this glorify You? Is what I am doing honoring You?

Living life with God is a daily task. It doesn't come easily for any of us. There is certainly no shame in wanting to be beautiful or be put together on the outside. I do think it is honoring to God and to others when we put our best foot forward. But let's not forget who we are inside...where our true beauty lies. God only looks at us from the inside, not the outside. Handing those things to God and asking Him to take control before we mess it up ourselves.

Out of our love for God and others flow's the true wellspring of life. From that comes a beauty that will outshine anything we could have ever expected.

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