Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Monday....again...

Hi ya’ll,
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I went to Gunnison Colorado this weekend with my good friend Monika. It was really fun. During the ride there (about 3.5 hrs) we talked and laughed. It was great just hanging out with her and shootin' the breeze.

On Saturday we went to the lake and swam, laid out, bobbed in the water. It was great until the wind picked up. Ugh! The water was cooooooooooold! Yes, we were crazy chicks taken a dip in what felt like freezer water. You know, when you stick your hand in a cooler full of ice? Yup, that was us. =)

Saturday evening we went to a reader’s drama that Monika's dad was in. It was great to see him in action even though it wasn't the type of play he typically is in. Then on Sunday we went on a picnic by a really large stream. It was so beautiful! I love living in Colorado!!!

So today is Monday again and it all starts over. I am hoping to do around 5-6 days of the shred this week and maybe get in some Pilates too. We are supposed to play volleyball tonight but who knows if that is going to happen being that it is only going to be in the 50's today and it's raining. Don't get me wrong, I love rain, but when I was looking forward to playing volleyball all week, it's a bummer. Oh well...

Hope everyone has a great week. Tootles for now.

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  1. I wish I lived in such a gorgeous state!!!! you are a blessed girlie..... love you woman!!! hey with all this activity you're getting in, do you feel your clothes getting smaller?

    love you