Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday randomness

Happy Thursday everyone! It is one day away from Friday, and tomorrow I am heading to Gunnison Colorado for a little reprieve! As Medea would say "Hallelujer". =)

The plans are to go swimming at the lake on Saturday and go to my friends dad's play Saturday night. Woot! It's going to be a good time baby. Hooya!

Yesterday I took the day off and just relaxed. I caught up on a bunch of CSI shows. I know, priorities right? =) Went to the Chiropractor and got a massage. Went home and made dinner. (I am sure you wanted to read a play-by-play of everything I did yesterday.)

I also watched one of my favorite shows "So you think you can dance". Can I just say WOWZERS???? Last night's show was so dang good! I absolutely love dance. If I had the body for it I would be out there doing it myself. Instead, I have to live vicariously through others and I like to paint it. So there!

Some of the most amazing talent is on this show..

This one was interesting, but if you look at it at a creative viewpoint, it was good.

I don't like all of the contemporary dances that they do, but there were some really good ones last night.

Anyway, tonight is my last night until Sunday to do the Shred. I plan on doing it Sunday evening so I don't go too many day's without it. Gotta keep my body movin! =) Hope everyone has a great day.

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