Friday, January 21, 2011


Most of my day's at work consist of the same ritual. I get to work, fill up my water filter canaster, then start working on my breakfast smoothie. I love it so much that I thought I would share the very simple but very delicious recipe with you.

About 1/4 cup of green juice. You can find this at most stores. I always look for the one that has Spirulina in it. See below for more details about that.

One very small banana

And a small handfull of both frozen blueberries and raspberries.

I did buy some frozen cherries to put in my smoothies this weekend. I am so bad about eating my fruit each day, so I figured if I put it in my smoothies that should do the trick and they are always very tasty.

Spirulina- promotes health in many ways. It powerfully protects from oxidant stress and strongly supports the immune system and a healthy inflammatory response. Scientific studies suggest it may be especially good for the brain, heart, immune system and more; so you can meet life“s challenges..


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  1. that soounds soooo good!!!! I love making breakfast smoothies!!!!