Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, last night I started my class on Co-Dependency which is going to be really good. I know a lot of this stuff from reading some books, but I know I am going to learn a whole lot more in the coming weeks.

Anyway, the instructor gave us this really good analogy of what is a Passive-Aggressive personality.

Picture this....Have you ever seen the movie Marley and Me? Remember Marley, the lab?

OK, so picture Marley jumping up on you with his paws on your shoulders showing you the love. He just wants to kiss you and give you all of his affection............while peeing on you at the same time.

Gross I know, but it is so true. When we do not deal with our feelings right off the bat, we are not only hurting ourselves but it affects others as well--thus the peeing.

Your welcome ;-)

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