Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Excersize and other stuff..

Last week was an intense week for me exercise wise. I think I mentioned in my other blog post that I began doing 1 hour cardio workouts as of last Thursday. I took Sunday off and boy did my body need it. I was so exhausted I didn't feel like I could keep my eyes open. Then, we had Monday off for Martin Luther day and I killed myself again with an even more intense 1 hour work out. My personal trainer advised me to do more workouts with 1 minute low and 1 minute high intensity intervals the whole time. I actually did the elliptical yesterday with 2 min low and 2 minute high. I just didn't want to constantly be adjusting the machine every minute, so I set it for intervals. I am able to get more miles out of my work out this way than the way I was doing it before. I have no idea how the Biggest Loser Contestants do it. I certainly am not trying to compete with them on the multiple hours of intensity that they do, but I am trying to put myself in the place where I want to be. Even if I don't win this 12 week contest, I want to have lost a bit of weight because of it.

Anyway, in other news I am going to be going to a class on Tuesday evenings at a local church that I live right next to. It's a co-dependency class so I am looking forward to what they have to offer in their seminars. I know that being someone who grew up co-dependent, like most other co-dependents, I am addicted to food. It's amazing what people don't know about this issue so I will do a blog about it another time.

Also, I really want to do some creative cooking. I can't eat most of what I want to make but I think it would be fun to just bake for people. So stay tuned for more blog posts about that.

I am getting ready to do another painting. I liked the flower painting that I did a while back so I want to do another one. I also have some other prophetic paintings that I want to do as well. Just writing about it makes me excited. ;-)

I think once my body gets used to all of the intense work outs then I will for sure have energy to do all of the other stuff I want to do. Here's to a great start for January.

Happy eating and good choices.

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