Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charging on...

Well, I made it to Thursday everyone. I am sore as all get out and there is still more torture--I mean exercise to come. ;-)

Tuesday I met with my personal trainer for the second time, but it was our first time to actually work out. On my first session with her, we talked about me and how I am doing with my cardio workouts. Then we talked about what she is planning on having me do. So it was just a get-to-know-you session.

Anyway, on Tuesday we did a full 45 to 50 minute full body circuit in the weight area. I am re-training my body on how to maintain balance and working muscles I haven't worked in a LOOOOONG time. ;-) In my future sessions with her, I can only do half our segments so hopefully I can still learn a lot from her during that time.

Today I made a really yummy and extremely low calorie breakfast. I had some steel cut oats.

mixed in 2 semi-heaping tablespoons of ground flax seed.

And threw in some frozen blue berries. I also added 1 package of sweet-n-low.

Whala!!! Yummers!! Very tasty.

On another note-sorry this post is so random- I am finally entering into the laptop world. I have wanted my own laptop for years and have been researching them for quite some time. I have to admit, I am overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there. Sheesh! But I think I know what I want. So, pictures-hopefully-to come on that once I get my gift to me. ;-)

Anyway, have a fabulous day everyone. Tootles! ;-)

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  1. That's just about identical to what I have for breakfast almost every day. So good and good for you! One day we'll have you over for brunch and I'll make my oatmeal pancakes. :-)