Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe that it is already the 3rd of Jan? CRAZY!
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year’s. I certainly did. It was full of friends and family and I had a great time with everyone.

To some degree I am glad it is over. Funny thing is, I look forward to Christmas every year, and then it exhausts me and I am ready to be done--sometimes even before Christmas hits. Sad. ;-(

Anyway, this year has a lot of promises attached. I don't know what all to expect, but for sure there are some good things to look forward to. I am making changes and moving forward.

The gym that I am a part of (Gold's) always has these weight loss challenges going on every 12 weeks or so. There are prizes involved and other great incentives. So, to start my year off right, I think I may join. I will post more about it later as I learn more and start it. For this challenge, you are accountable in a group setting. If you don't lose weight, it can affect the whole team. Tonight I am going to an informational meeting to get all of the details. I am nervous yet excited. I need this. I need the push it will give me to get going. I am certainly sick of being heavy--I just want to feel normal ya know?

I know that there are many more things to look forward to this year. One of my resolutions is to spend more time in prayer and worship. I also want to learn how to play my djembe and worship more with that as well. thing at a time--moving forward is always good. Today I am focusing on not eating dessert type foods and trying to avoid bread. YIKES! Already I went into the kitchen here at work and there were delicious looking lemon bars on the counter. I just wanted to reach out and grab one. I for sure know that I am addicted to sugar. Every time I eat lunch or dinner I want something sweet to follow it. I am also always wanting to munch on carbs so I am working on substituting it with fruit and eventually with veggies as well (I need to go shopping).

So here is to making good choises! HELP ME JESUS! ;-)

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  1. Anj.... I love you! its not what we put in our mouths that defile us.. its the words we speak the the thoughts we think toward ourselves that defile us...speak the word of God over yourself and take every thought captive and watch your body shrink,,, NO MATTER WHAT YOU EAT. I am loosing weight and have not changed a single thing I eat.. all because I found freedom in christ and found the above scriptures. yes the bible says everything in moderation and physical excercise profetith little but cuzin please seek God on this and find your freedom. Pray over every meal and bless it, and dont say "i cant eat that because i'll gain weight" speak these words every time you eat..."its not what I put in my mouth that defiles my body, its the words I speak and the thoughts I think that defile my body,,, so I bless this food and I thank you Lord for the freedom to eat all things. Thank you Lord for making my appetite what You would have it be and thank you Lord for reforming my body into the person You created it to be."
    Seriously Anj,,, I am losing weight and I havent changed a single thing Im eating... When I heard this for the first time I was mad because I thought i had to work so hard to lose weight but the next day I woke up with the lightest, most free feeling in my spirit. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to not worry about what you are gonna eat. its wonderful... I promise it works.