Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vision Painting-Take One

I am very excited about this particular blog post because I get to reveal to you a prophetic vision God gave me a long time ago. He continues to give me many visions, especially while I am in worship, but this particular vision has come back often. Every time I see it, He show's me different aspects of His heart.

Although the painting is by far perfect if I were to compare it to what I am actually seeing in my head, it is perfect in the fact that I was able to put it on canvas!!!! WOW! I have been sooo intimidated for years of painting from just out of my head and heart with the flow of the Holy Spirit, verses finding a dance painting out in cyberspace and trying to paint that. I am always getting frustrated with my paintings because I can't get the skin right, or the head is too small for the body, or this proportion or that angle is all wrong!!!! Grrrr..... This time, I can see past the imperfections and get excited because I went with obedience and painted from GOD, and not MYSELF. ;-)

So, here is my interpretation of the picture that I received......

I believe that it is Gods heart to father the fatherless, care for the hurting, the broken heart's, the sick, and comfort those who have no one else to care for them. God has given me only a small, incy tincy glimpse into His Father Heart. This picture portrays His loving hands scooping up a broken vessel. The vessel/person is now resting in Him, being restored and renewed.

The picture of the world represents every person on earth-- no one is left behind.
The broken pottery bellow the hands represents the old person falling away while the new person is resting in His hands.

Here are just some different views of the same painting. I wanted you to capture all of the details.


  1. This is beautiful Annjeri. At the church we grew up in there were many women painting on easels during worship. It's amazing to see how God gifts us all differently and how each gift is used to encourage the body of Christ.

    Keep this up!

  2. Wonderful painting! Proud of you for stepping out in Faith and following what God has put on your heart to do. Looking forward to your future work.

  3. UH.......HELLO!!!! That is Gorgeous! When I read that you like to paint, I had no clue you could paint like this! Did you draw that before paining it or did you draw it with your paints? Either way its FAN-TAS-TIC!

  4. Thanks you guys. I really feel completely blessed by the Lord with this.
    Cindie, I did free hand draw most of the pictures and then painted it.
    I cannot wait to share more of my past and future paintings with you all.