Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun....

I have to shout out that I absolutely love summer. Now, I am not talking about the sweltering heat-- you know, the type of heat that pours sweat down into your eyes and creates the big huge wet blotch in the middle of your back? Yup- not that type of heat. No, I am talking about the opportunities that summer brings our way.

I went to a volley ball event with a bunch of church friends at a local park. The weather was absolutely phenomenal! I remember playing VB in Arizona in high school and absolutely loving it. I need to seriously practice my bump-set-spike and my serves, but still I love it. I played the game barefoot and it was glorious!

This is what I love about summer. We get to play outside and eat yummy BBQ. Enjoy morning or evening walks, play volley ball in the park or even go swimming. How about Frisbee or out door movies?

I decided that this year was going to be a year of new beginnings--a year where dead dreams and visions come back to life. What a better way to start this process then to get a yearly fishing pass? I was so excited when my roommate and I decided to do this together. I didn’t have a fishing pole, tackle box or anything that goes on the fishing line. So, we headed off to Wal-Mart and low and behold, they had the PINK pole that I was wanting!!!! Yes you heard me right, PINK. LOL! ;-) I wanted a pink tackle box to go with it but they didn’t have any, so I bought one that had red in it. If you are wondering if PINK is my favorite color, well it’s not. I actually wanted a pole that color because I thought it was funny. Most people have “Manly” colored rods, but I wanted to be different. In a way, it was part of my creative side to throw out a splash of color.

Anyway, we went fishing at Rampart Reservoir. It was an amazing place. The trees were plush green with blue waters. A bit of a breeze came in so it made the heat not so unbearable. Monika and I sat were out there for several hours talking and reading. I got 3 nibbles on my line but no bites. Then, just before we were about to leave, Monika got a bite that almost pulled her pole out of her chair. She had just gotten up to put something away and then her pole started bending. I wish you were all there to see our first catch. We were probably the loudest people on the whole lake—we were sooooo excited. The fish was a 13 incher and we ate it last night. So yummy! I can’t wait to catch more fish soon.
So, what are your dreams for this summer? Do you have any special plans? What would you like to do that you haven’t done in a long time? Please share. I love hearing your stories too.


  1. I am visiting because your sister blogged about you. Enjoy summer!!

  2. Ha Ha! Im having flashbacks of fishing with grandpa... You must have loved those days! I on the other hand cant say i was a big fan of them,, I did love the camping though.
    so you caught, gutted, cooked and ate a fish huh? I dont know how to respond to that,,, you might just be the coolest chick I know! seriously! You and your sis are dang rock stars!