Friday, June 18, 2010

A new start...

So yesterday I began my calorie counting. A friend of mine at work sent me this spreadsheet that helps calculate all of your calories for the day, but also has a bunch of food items already programed into it to make it easier. I love it, so along with the online Calorie Counter and this spreadsheet, it makes life a bit easier. Oh yeah, and my friend gave me a calorie book to use and I can keep that in my purse. So yesterday for the most part was a pretty good day. Today however didn't start out too well. Here is how it went:

I was gathering all of the items of food for the day including lunch and snacks. Notice that I left off breakfast. I was concentrating so much on what I needed for those times in the day when I knew I would crash from low blood sugar and hunger, I totally forgot breakfast.

So anyway, I also made a lemon pie last night for a work/birthday celebration and had to get that out the door along with everything else. So I left the house and when I was almost to work I realized I totally forgot breakfeast. Geeez~ The only convenient places to go are Starbucks and Breugers Bagels, both of which are HIGH in calories and fat. Ugh!!! So I made a choice, I went to Starbucks.

Now, to all of you readers out there, let me tell you, I LOVE the scones there. They have the most amazing Cranberry Orange scone known to man!! So, what did I do? I got myself a scone and a Tall Skinny White Mocha. You know it!!! It was delicious--until I looked up the calorie count for both items. Get ready for this, are you sitting down?..........Cranberry Orange Scone= 460 calories. Tall Skinny White Mocha= 270 calories. This gives me a grand total for JUST breakfast of 730 calories. YIKES!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

So, note to self-- I cannot have the starbucks coffee with the scone just anytime I want. Yikes, that is such a waste of calories. Sigh.......But, I think it's ok to do it once in a while, it just takes up half of that day's calorie allowance.

Anyway, I am cruising through the day, and unfortunately will have a higher calorie intake, but I am also still trying to have an even balance of dairy, fruits and veggies. Oh, and remember that I mentioned the Lemon pie earlier? I leaked all over my clothes going out the door ( I didn't notice this until I got to work) and it leaked on my passenger seat in my car. Grrrrrr...... Let's just say it was an emotional start to the day, but I am choosing to not allow it to ruin my entire day.

Thanks for listening. ;-)


  1. good job Anj! I'm glad u R finding your way to healthy living... I feel your starbucks induced pain. I got to the point where I quit drinking anything but water cause I didn't want to waste my much needed calories on something that wouldn't fill me up. I remember having a headache for about two weeks because of my detox of was bad.
    I'm proud of u.

  2. I sure hate it when I dont allow myself time to eat breakfast before work. I know I cant make it through the day without breakfast so it leaves you with only picking something up. Ive SOOO been there. I think your doing wonderful!! Keep it up!!

  3. I would love a copy of the calorie counter. One thing I have done is get rid of the scale at my house and focus on the where I want to go with eating, how I want to end up. I am eating LOTS of fruits and vegetables, salmon, very small servings of things I would like to try. I don't crave the Starbucks anymore. I am also drinking lots of vitamin water and sobe lifewater and I find i am not as hungry as I used to be. We do mess up once in a while but as long as we get back on track it is okay. Email me sometime. I would love to catch up.