Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where You Go I Go

You know, we serve an amazing God, would you agree? Many of us go through so many trials and tribulations that it is difficult to remember who God really is, or maybe look back on the promises He gave us a long time ago--or yesterday. Some of us (and I am including myself in all of this) may even blame God for the disasters in our lives, the disappointments and let-downs. We think, "How could He let this happen?", or "Why is He making me go through this?". Its mind boggling isn't it? God is unfathomable. He has depths to him that none of us will ever have a chance to see until we meet him some day.

It is not really until we come face to face with true, raw emotion do we cry out to Him and seek him for answers. We may or may not receive one, who knows. He is All Knowing, Omniscient, Loving and Powerful. He is from Everlasting to Everlasting. He loves us unconditionally. He wants to hear what is on our minds, what is in our hearts. I know this in my mind, but do I really know it in my heart? Yes, there are times where I truly think I understand it a bit more.

I have been reflecting a lot in the last several weeks on where is He in my life? What does he want from me? Where is He leading me? Besides all of the sifting and burning of my soul, the pulling and tugging of my spirit--besides the fact that I don't always understand Him and I am angry with Him at times--I know ONE truth.

I will not compromise. I do not want to make choices out of desperation, but out of wisdom. I will go where you go, I will pray where You pray. No matter how hard it is I want to follow You!

Here is another song by the same vocalist. Amazing. Be ready to be moved people.

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  1. Beautiful...loved your post. Are you sister and cousin ok?