Monday, November 22, 2010

Trading My Sorrows

OK, so I had the most disturbing, gross experience this last week in regards to a match on one of the match making websites that I joined. Ugh! Without going into detail, he turned out to be a major pervert and I have to wonder if he was involved in pornography. Seriously!!! He said all the right things in regards to being a Christian. Said he was born again and very involved in his church. Then he has to pull the “perv” stunt, so I threw him out! See ya SUCKER!!!!!! You sicko!
Anyway, I closed him out and decided to do the nice thing and let him know I was doing that. He ended up sending me multiple texts (which I did not read thanks to my beloved friend protecting me). He showed his true colors right at that moment, which made me feel much better about my decision.

All that being said- I am struggling. It is extremely difficult to go through all of these emotional roller-coasters concerning finding a mate. Part of me just wants to give up and become a hermit for the rest of my life (not really, but sometimes I come close). Anyway, as I was praying this morning, God gave me this phrase "I am crushed but not abandoned". I love that! God is certainly on my side, protecting me on many levels. I could have gone on a date with that guy and something bad could have happened, or I could have been suckered into something horrible but I didn't. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! So I found this song on YouTube and claiming as mine for the day.


  1. So proud of you and your strength through dealing with him. Love you mucho!

  2. details are not necessary - but know that HE is watching over you in everyway.... don't give up, keep your head held high and know that you are a survivor.. :) Proud of you for having the discerning spirit HE gave you,and Listening to it...

  3. Sis, I am so sorry that there are people out there that are so disrespectful. You are so precious and deserve to be treated as such. Dont quite dont give up. I love you so much!!

  4. Anj... I know your pain.... I SO SO SO know your pain.... dont ever stop praying for your man... not just that God will bring him to you quickly,, but that God will preserve him for you, and you for him. Girlfriend... please dont make a move until God says go cause you could be ruining what God has planned..... this is my motto... " if I make it happen it will fall apart... but if God makes it happen then it will be more than perfect" hold fast annjeri and work on you,,,and stay about Gods buisness... then when God is ready and when he knows you're ready, he will give you love.