Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ok, so I have had this image in my mind for goodness know's how long. It is a picture that God showed me during a time of worship. For those of you reading this, many of you may have seen paintings or sculptures reflecting Jesus holding someone up. Well, in this picture, I saw Jesus's hands extended, cupped, and holding a laden down women.

The only difference about this picture just waiting to be painted is that this women was broken, heavily laden, but resting with absolute peace in Christ's hands. It's almost as if God scooped her up and said "Here child, rest here". As I write this I get tears in my eyes because I know there are so so so many of us who have fealt so worthless and torn down. We ask God "Where can I find peace? I rarely have peace. I am depressed and feel very very lonely". I personally have felt this myself and the only peace that I can personally find is in Christ Jesus.

This also brings to mind situations that I saw when I was in Thailand. WOW! There is much oppression in that country. So many women are used for sex and useless things just to bring money. The sex trade is one of the biggest money makers in Thailand today. I reflect back when my group was staying in this house with girls that had been rescued from prostitution. Their ages ranged from 8-24. All of them had been sold or kidnapped into the sex/slave trade. All of them have excepted Christ and have so many wonderful dreams and goals to look forward to.

In the office at the house we were staying in, there was a picture on the wall of Christ holding up a Thai women, she looked like she had passed out and Christ was keeping her upright. I want my picture to reflect this but to show that not only does he pick us up, he holds us in His safe hands.


  1. I can totally picture that painting you described! You used excellent words to express what U saw in worship and I can see it in my mind.
    I love your passion Anj! I'm so excited you have a blog and I can't wait to hear what comes out of your heart and mind.
    Love u forever woman!

  2. Annj, I am so glad you started a blog! Those paintings are beautiful and your writing doesn't have to be perfect!

    On the subject of child trafficking...we have just started giving to this ministry I know, it's so heartbreaking. =(

    Love Ya, Val