Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chocolate Mood

So many of us are chocolate lovers. I am certainly one of them, although I do love salty too. Today was definitely a need for chocolate day. Not only has it been somewhat stressful and absolutely exhausting at work this last month, but there have been a few things recently that have caused some emotional strain. Soooo, I was in search for chocolate today. What better thing to do when stressed? Bake!!! ;-) Or, exercise but that is certainly not happening today, HA!

Well, in December I started planning all of the different yummy treats I would bake for the holiday's. My plan was to give presents to all of my co-workers, family and some friends a taste of everything that I made. Well, I kinda went overboard with it all, and therefore did not have time to make everything on my list. Soooooo, for the month of February, I am making Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies. How yummy is that? I am actually making them for my get together with C.A.M.A (you might here me refer to CAMA every once in a while, it stands for Cara, April, Melody, and Annjeri who are former roommates of mine) and also a family gathering with my Dad and Sis this weekend.

So I started the process of my cookie baking as soon as I came home. Well, yesterday I made the dough which saved a bunch of time.

The recipe said that the cookies would take 8-9 minutes to cook, but our oven is not working properly, so in actuality they took close to 15 minutes. Ugh!
Here is my first batch. They are supposed to be a chewy cookie so I am thinking that is why they seem a bit too soft and they came off the pan scrunched up.

I think regardless of how they look, in the end they are still chocolate with yummy peanut butter chips that will just melt in your mouth. Yummmm....


  1. Oh you better bring some of those yummy cookies this Sunday. YUMMMOOO!!!!