Friday, February 19, 2010

A little Backgrount

Since I was very young, I remember sitting at our dining room table sketching something of my moms breakables (usually a vase or teapot) and I also liked to sketch other pictures like animals or some type of scenery. I remember being very sad back in those day's and really my only outlet was to draw. I believe I still have some of those sketches to this day. There was also a time where my mom was in the hospital, I believe I was in 7th grade, and I started sketching peoples faces as well.

Looking back, I believe God gave me a way to move on from my terrible sadness and to look forward to seeing his beauty in my drawings. Since then, my interests have moved on from sketching to painting. Although I still love to sketch, I have found myself being more fascinated with painting. The medium of paint that I use is Acrylics; I haven't tried out oils or water colors yet, but I think that would be pretty fascinating.

I think that having this blog is going to help me with some accountability in painting again and to really start putting in words how I feel. I know that I am not very sure of myself with how well I am going to do. I have been successful with a lot of paintings that I have given to people (I will post those pictures later)but I want to merge out in other types of paintings as well(another blog for another day).

I have posted a few pictures on my blog of dance paintings that I would like to do at some point. Can you tell that I love dance? ;-)

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  1. Hay sis. Your a great painter. I love the painting you gave me. Its so full of color and it makes me smile. I sure love you. Im glad you started a blog. :)